The Anna

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Backyard Office Features:

  • Structure:
    • 2”x4” wall construction
    • 2’x6” roof construction
    • 2”x8” floor construction
    • pressure treated plywood sheathing under floor construction
    • R14 Rockwool Insulation in walls
    • R22 Rockwool Insulation in ceiling
    • R40 Rockwool Insulation in floor
  • LP Smart Side Exterior Siding
  • Metal Roof
  • White Vinyl Windows
  • Standard Exterior Door
  • Pine T&G Ceiling
  • Wood Panel Walls
  • Low VOC Paint – 2 Colour Options
  • Laminate or Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • 30 Amp Electrical Panel – inc. Fittings, Switches and LED Lights
  • Internet WiFi ‘Booster’ (up to $200.00)
  • 2 Electric Baseboard Heaters
  • 100 ft. 30 Amp Electrical Cord
  • White or Natural Maple ‘Shaker’ Style Cabinets
  • Laminate Counter Top (not including HD Series)


Free design consultation including design drawing and render

Delivery Fee – depending on location

Does not include 30 amp designated plug in house – this is a cost that depends on the client’s home situation – our licensed electrician can give a quote – usually this costs in the $300 dollar range but each home is different.

  • Gallery:

DISCLAIMER: the Backyard Office images are concept photos.


Floor Plans:


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